Open Access Publishing Co-op Case Study Materials

These materials are active draft documents under development and revision, as we continue to work with related communities in refining these documents and drafting new ones. Our intent has been to conduct research, compile numbers, and conduct calculations that may serve interested parties in considering co-op options. The calculations are based on the data available to us, as imperfect and partial as it is, and our hope remains that readers will take advantage of the Google Doc status of these documents to comment, including suggesting better figures.

There is a project concept-paper under development as well and available for comments:
To Flip the Script: APCs, Cooperatives, and the Future of Scholarly Publishing

A series of proposal documents for an open access publishing co-op among journals in anthropology and related fields that brings together subscription journals and open access journals (beginning with nine titles that have expressed interest) with options ranging from a full-blown cooperative to a low-involvement open access subjection model.

Draft Documents (with commenting privileges)
Canadian Co-op
A proposed regional open access co-op publishing model bringing together both subscription and existing open access journals focused on the social sciences and humanities.

Draft Documents (with commenting privileges)
BioMedical Co-op
This co-op model proposes a different structure, based on providing a more efficient and equitable approach to the APC that prevails in this area. The model involves non-profit publishers and aggregators (eLIfe, PLOS, Cold Spring Harbor, BioOne) having the principal funding agencies directly cover the publishing costs each article for which they have sponsored the research (with a sharing ratio where needed), and with the libraries taking on those article that do not reflect sponsored research.

Draft Documents (with commenting privileges)