Study Objectives

Over the next two years (2015 - 2017), the Open Access Publishing Cooperative Study aims to:

  1. Gather financial data from journals and libraries to establish current investment levels in professional quality publishing;
  2. Consult with stakeholders – research libraries, scholarly journals, scholarly societies, presses, funding agencies, and others – about perceived gains and risks of a co-op approach to open access funding, governance, and structure; and
  3. Develop and assess open source co-op publishing infrastructures for running pilot studies to evaluate impact on scholarly and public quality of this approach to open access publishing.

If the results of the first three stages show sufficient promise, the Open Access Publishing Cooperative Study plans to hold a culminating “constitutional assembly” for stakeholders in scholarly publishing. The assembly will apply what has been learned in the study to forge the principles and structures by which such cooperatives might constitute a means of bringing about sustainable and global open access to research and scholarship.

Do you have basic financial data you'd be willing to share (in confidence)? If so, let us know.